All transactions are processed in EUR. Final amount is converted by last exchange rate provided to us.
Each spare part sold by us is certified and has a factory warranty. The warranty is valid in cases if the spare part has been installed at the manufacturer’s authorized service point and the defect of the spare part is due to the fault of the factory.

For every warranty case, a report is drawn up and a factory expertise is appointed. The warranty period is valid for 1-2 years for each of the delivered goods. Please contact our manager in order to clarify the warranty period for the spare parts that are interesting to you.
The warranty does not cover the following instances:
  • incorrect installation or careless operation;
  • wear of the part;
  • in case of mechanical damage, such as an accident, falling into a pit, etc.;
  • As a result of the use of low-quality fuel (parts associated with the fuel system);
After the delivery of the part, the return of the spare part is impossible, the exception is the case of the defect found in the spare part. On the issues of warranty and returns of spare parts, contact representatives of the company.

Under EU rules, the customer has the right to return, replace or repair the products bought turn out to be faulty or do not look or work as advertised. For private person customers also is applied a rule of 14 days return policy for any reason and without a justification. After 14 days we do not accept any claims regarding a received product or damages.

Please follow the return policy.

When filling out the return form, please pay attention to the terms.
For the product application to be considered valid, please attach three kinds of photos of the damaged product:
- Photograph with damaged product
- Photograph with damaged packaging
- Photograph of the box damaged on a pallet

Otherwise, the parties responsible for the damage will not consider your application.