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TRW spare parts
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TRW Automotive Inc. - one of the world`s leading manufacturers of brake systems and steering systems for cars and trucks, which has its history since 1901.
TRW Automotive employs more than 66,000 people in 24 countries. The company`s enterprises produce 50,000 disc brakes daily, 25,000 drum brakes, 11,000 master brake cylinders and 10,000 regulators. For trucks, 300,000 pneumatic drum brakes, 100,000 hydraulic and 80,000 pneumatic disc brakes are produced annually.

Products for cars

TRW Automotive Inc. delivers on conveyors of all leading automobile concerns
  • Brake Systems

Brake discs, drive systems, brake pads, brake system kits, wheel cylinders, brake fluid, brake cleaner, master cylinder, brake hoses, amplifiers, handbrake cables, brake valves.

  • Steering systems

Racks of a steering column and pumps, steering drives, levers of management.

  • Suspension parts
  • Shock absorbers
  • Security systems (ABS, ESP, etc.)

Products for trucks

TRW has been offering products for commercial vehicles since 1906 and has won the position of world leader in the design, development and manufacture of original spare parts for most truck, trailer and bus manufacturers.

  • Brake pads for heavy goods vehicles.

TRW brake pads are designed according to standards exceeding the technical requirements for the original equipment.

  • Steering and suspension parts.

Steering columns, pumps, steering gears, steering bipods, traction bars, lugs and push rods, shock absorbers of the steering gear.

  • Steering gears for commercial vehicles

The company issues 33 part numbers of TAS and THP types.

  • Shock absorbers

Plug-in shock absorbers, standard (telescopic), shock absorbers with spring cushions, shock absorbers with load compensation.